Teacher comments to advanced Students

They say we should be more organized and better behaved, because we are in advanced classes.

Advanced Students to Teachers

We might be a little more intelligent but we are still just kids.
Smarter does not mean more mature.
Even Bill Gates spent a year in counseling in the sixth grade.

Advanced students should be happy and rewarded
not sad and pressured to be adults.
 Together We Can!

Be Proud of Your Trials and Accomplishments Share your Stories about Success and Failure,  For the only True Failures are From Those Who Did Not Try. 

Welcome Message from the PTSA President

Dear Driftwood Middle Families,

    On behalf of the Driftwood Middle PTSA and myself, we would like to welcome you to the 2009-2010 school year. This year we are not only starting out the year with a new Principal, but with a new PTSA Board as well! We are planning great things and changes for Driftwood. For our returning families, welcome back!! For those families new to Driftwood, we extend a warm welcome. You are entering a great school. 

     We all experience the middle school jitters along with our children. We have all heard how in middle school things are different and volunteering at the school is not needed or encouraged. Well I assure you that this is a great misconception. At this stage in their lives they need our support, our guidance and our presence. They are experiencing so many changes, and we need to partner with their teachers as a community to ensure their success. We are so fortunate here at Driftwood to have such amazing teachers and staff. Our children are not only enriched here, they are safe. 

     PTSA stands for Parent, Teacher & Student Association. Students do serve as voting members on the board. Becoming a member of the PTSA is a great way to get involved, even for parents and guardians who do not have the opportunity to come to the school and volunteer. 

   "Together We Can” is the slogan for the PTSA this year. With the parents, teachers and students walking together with the PTSA Board and our new Principal Mr. Williams – Together we can help our students receive the best education possible and enjoy a healthy & safe school environment. 

For more information on Driftwood PTSA, log on to our website @


Kathy Oliva

PTSA President


From a concerned parent:

I thank everyone for caring about our school.

Holiday Homework Concern  

Holiday and weekend homework is not  allowed unless the time includes the holiday and weekend.  Children need a break just like adults and are allowed to have vacation, family time, chores and fun too.  No homework on vacation.  If you do it's not a vacation.