Driftwood Middle School PTSA Beginnings

The PTSA began in September of 2006 upon the request of then principal Ms. Jody Perry; the first PTSA/PTO ever in the history of Driftwood Middle School.

From the beginning, students were allowed to hold the same positions as the adults in an attempt to engage their full cooperation and groom them for future responsibilities. Thus, the distinction of PTSA instead of PTA.

Immediately, a fabulous team came together and great things began to happen. We did our first fundraiser in the Spring of 2007 which was late in the school year. Against everyone’s prediction that it would not be successful, over $16,000 was raised!

Some of the events undertaken the first year by the PTSA were;

  • A school-wide Say Yes to Health Walks, whose proceeds were donated to a local charity.
  • A Field Day for all grade levels.
  • We began collecting Box Tops and Campbell soup labels.
  • We sold flowers for Valentines Day and Mothers Day.
  • We provided for Teachers Appreciation Week and a Holiday dessert extravaganza.
  • Provided gifts for the secretaries on Secretary Day.
  • We made CDs and DVDs for the 8th Grade Trip and Dance.
  • Provided snacks for FCAT testing and many other events.
  • Paid for 8th Grade Trips for a Level 6 on the FCAT.
  • Provided food for Driftwood Camp.
  • We had a movie day for students who helped during the year.
  • We had an Appreciation Luncheon for all the custodians for all their late night extra hours.
  • A High School/College Night.
  • An End of the Year/Recognition Party for all students, PTSA board members, and staff that had participated throughout the year.

Each successive PTSA board aims to resolve the many issues that occur affecting our students & staff, answer numerous questions, improve our school, and have a ton of fun!

Long live the Driftwood Middle School PTSA!